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For over 30 years Advanced Ortho Lab provides dependable service and high quality orthodontic appliances to our customers. We always appreciate your business and loyalty. Welcome to our website...

Laboratory Services Call us at (415)661-9296

We are a group of highly trained professionals in fabricating a waste type of appliances in the orthodontic field: Hawley Retainers, Spring Retainers, Schwarz Appliances, Sagittals, Bionators & etc.... We are very Skilled in making TMJ/Orthopedic Splints. The pediatric appliances as Space Maintainer, Lower Lingual Arch, Nance Holding Arch & others are available. We offer Invisible Retainer comparable to the Invisalign. Contact us for additional information.


The Retainers are used for finished orthodontic cases. We are offering quality wire bending and superior finish. We use the most expensive domestic and imported materials. Many types available,

Expansion Appliances

A variety of active appliances can be fabricated: Schwartz Upper & Lower, Three way. Nord, and Fan Gear. Anterior Sagittal Upper & Lower and etc. German and Italian expansion screws used exclusively.

Fixed Expanders

Rapid Palatal Expanders available in many variations: RPE, Bondable type. Haas, Pendulum, Pendex, Williams and etc. We use German and Italian expansion screws in variety of sizes ranging from 8-13mm.

TMJ/Orthopedic Splints

Fabricating Splints since 1982. All splints are custom made to your specifications. Gelb/MORA, Maxillary Flat Plane, Farrar Splint, Tanner, Luco and others. German acrylic; lifetime guarantee.

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